Friday, January 28, 2011

So yeah...

I said I'd be updating this blog pretty often, but it turns out that didn't happen. School did, though.

This quarter's pretty heavy. I'm taking three studio courses, and that's tough I guess. Really, the funny thing is that the extra studio I got has been the least troublesome of my classes, and the two animation courses I was gonna take anyway have been time consuming to the max.

Anywho, one of the classes is Action Analysis, which is a class for analyzing/animating realistic human bodies. We also get to animate a dog or cat. I figured I owed as much to post something from that, so here's my completed hand animation.

Obviously, it's in rough animation mode (no clean up) and it's less than perfect. I got a really good grade for it though. Still, I am currently working on the redo for the assignment to refine it. No more jiggly thumbs and shrinky palms.

The other is 2D Production, in which we get to pre-produce, produce, and post produce a short 15 second animation. I'm excited, because this means it's the first time I get to go into clean up and color in my animations for class. It should make for another neat portfolio piece.

Here is the visual development I pitched to the class.

One diligent, exam-studying-for, magician-in-training. One annoying ass of a roommate. Let the wackiness ensue.

In any case, I hope to update with other stuff soon. These are but tidbits of things to come.