Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What? Orlando's still doing stuff?

I know, right? I'm surprised too!

But yeah, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Finals happened. And then I got lazy. But hey, now I'll upload a whole mess of stuff!

First off: my dialogue final

The dialogue came from an episode of Psych, and the character is Toby. Which most of you have seen by now, no doubt.
It's a bit rushed, as I had my storyboarding final due the next day and had to just go with the first pass that came out.

Next up is: a WIP 3D piece!

I've been working in Maya with one of the rigs we were given in class: Moom. I figured it was about time I picked up this 3D thing again. This is the last playblast I took of it from a while back.

Finally, here's an Obama caricature I did for a possible job. The guy just said he needed caricatures of politicians and whatnot for his small newspaper he's trying to get off the ground. Okay.