Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Assistant-Lad returns!

A full page of Assistant-Lad sketches!

I've never posted anything here about my early comic concept, Heroman.

It was supposed to be this webcomic. It kinda sprung up and died sophomore year of college without getting very far at all. I recently decided to go back to the idea and see if I could finally wrestle something out of it.

The story generally revolved around the misadventures of a mentally unhinged superhero who calls himself "Heroman," and his sidekick "Assistant-Lad." Generally more of a hindrance than an aid, they set about town causing well-intentioned (but devastating) mischief.

The story I have in mind for them has changed a bit to the point where it actually has plot and a supporting cast and an ending, which were all things I didn't think necessary before jumping into writing the comics back then.

Here's a small sketch of Heroman, too. Just for you guys.

Expect some Heroman stuff coming soon. I'm currently working on the first issue, and if it goes the way it's going, I might have a good bit of it done by the end of break. That would be nice.

Jina Noh did some fan art back some time ago, and you should totally check it out on her blog! You should also follow her blog, and I'm not just sayin' it because she's my girlfriend, but because she's also amaziinnngggg!