Friday, February 25, 2011

Status Report: working hard

Howdy everyone!
Just here to show some of the awesome stuff I've been working on, recently.

Lately I've been rather busy. Due to schedules being mucked around, deadlines have gotten pushed forward, while some stay the same, making it less time to work on some. Less than I'd like. Currently, I have one quadruped walk I have to work on, along with a redo on the action line biped assignment I worked on last week, along with clean-up animation on all the animation for my 2D Animation final. This is all due this Tuesday.

That's three, Mr. Disgusting Orlando Drawing. Learn to count.

First off, let's see that Action Line assignment I'm redoing. I mean, it can't be that bad, can--?


But yeah, I'm redoing it. There were many problems with it, the most notable of which is the crazy walk at the end.

Meanwhile, for my 2D Production class, I've got all my animation pretty much done. Just a couple of holds I need to move. I'm entering clean-up, and it seems to be coming along. Furthermore, my friend Charlie is providing some music for the project, which is sure to be spiffy!

Can't wait to see it finished. It'll be my most finished animation ever.

Also, I'm doing a doggie for my quadruped animation assignment!


  1. Nice vids, dude. Do they still call them "vids"? If not, I'm totally gonna bring that back. That and "Groovy".
    I look forward to more groovy vids, dude.

  2. Thanks!
    The groovy vids shall most certainly keep coming.

  3. Pretty awesome, I'm very excited for your dog animation as well as the finalized work for your other animation!!!

  4. Wow, the background on your "most finished animation ever" looks great! Did you do all that background painting yourself? Also, the characters look great/move well, too!

  5. Thanks!
    Yup, all the work there is mine. Honestly, it was my first time painting backgrounds digitally. I feel I did a good job, but that with practice I can get loads better.