Friday, December 31, 2010

It got cold!

...I can't feel my legs..."
So to save on heating water, my family only heats it prior to someone bathing. Which is a fine idea, I guess... except that the other day, it was so cold, that after we turned off the heater the water got cold quick... and this happened.

Winter's awesome though. I'm much more active outside during the cold, I think.

Or other people are, anyway. The only one of these that wasn't a pose I found on the internet is the first one, which is my little brother playing video games.

I'm gonna have to apologize for some of these scans. I mean, I tried scanning them in on this scanner we have now, but the blue pencil hardly showed up.
So instead of, you know, taking photos or trying something else, I edited them with photoshop to make the blue stand out more. I'm still "enngh" about the result...

Creeper hand

...sometimes the lines just didn't show up at all.
These are a few highlights from the hand drawings I've been doing. See, I'm taking Action Analysis class next quarter, and I thought some hand and body gestures would help warm me up for it. It's all animating realistic human bodies... I am nervous.

Try to make sense of anything in this.
And finally a page of character sketches. Again, not the best quality, here.
Two of the characters here some of you might know. Heroman and Assistant-Lad, his devoted sidekick  (they're almost entirely invisible down there...) There's also Kid-with-enormous-arm, an alien, a magnificent seagull, an outlaw cowboy guy, and some zombie guy, too, for the hell of it. The alien makes me sad, because I know he'd look so much better without a pea-shaped body, but hey, you experiment.

Also, before I forget, hope everybody had a very merry Christmas!
and Hanukkah!
and Festivus!
and Kwanzaa!
and any other holiday!

Also, Happy New Years tonight!

Spirit Pokemon!

So as usual, I'm REALLY late to the party. I first learned this thing was going around weeks ago, but never uploaded anything.

Other people who have done this are as follows:

I dunno. I had a lot of fun with this.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey look, a blog!

Hello, and welcome to Oddity Stew!
It's my blog, and it's great! Or rather it will be, as soon as I actually post stuff up.
So without further ado, here is a drawing I did of a Blue and Yellow Macaw while I was vacationing in Colombia this summer:

Now it's great.

I'm starting this blog up to try and get some of my work out there in the ether of the internet, and by that, I mean besides Deviantart. Not that I won't be still posting stuff on my DA, just that I'm branching out. I thought it was high time, anyway.
Most of the stuff here will probably be sketches, side-projects, and mini-comics I draw. Now and then I may write about something or other... like opinions... yeah, I might do those.


That's right, fan art happened.
Fullmetal Alchemist fan art, to be exact. It's one of the biggest drawings I've ever done that wasn't for school... I think around 11x17 or something. Anyways, I had no access to a scanner (and in any case my scanner is too small), so I had to make due with photos! Hope to maybe scan it in in a better resolution when I get back to school.
It was a good exercise in inking something. I guess.

Also, more fan art.
Some sketchings I did today. I was watching the Studio Ghibli film Whisper of the Heart, and felt like... drawing the characters...
Let me say, it was a wonderful movie. Throughly enjoyed it. Enough to draw fan art of it anyways.

And finally:

These are some character designs for an animation me and my pals back at school are planning. We're hoping to get some work on it done over the rest of the year, but that remains to be seen.

Later, everyone!