Friday, December 31, 2010

It got cold!

...I can't feel my legs..."
So to save on heating water, my family only heats it prior to someone bathing. Which is a fine idea, I guess... except that the other day, it was so cold, that after we turned off the heater the water got cold quick... and this happened.

Winter's awesome though. I'm much more active outside during the cold, I think.

Or other people are, anyway. The only one of these that wasn't a pose I found on the internet is the first one, which is my little brother playing video games.

I'm gonna have to apologize for some of these scans. I mean, I tried scanning them in on this scanner we have now, but the blue pencil hardly showed up.
So instead of, you know, taking photos or trying something else, I edited them with photoshop to make the blue stand out more. I'm still "enngh" about the result...

Creeper hand

...sometimes the lines just didn't show up at all.
These are a few highlights from the hand drawings I've been doing. See, I'm taking Action Analysis class next quarter, and I thought some hand and body gestures would help warm me up for it. It's all animating realistic human bodies... I am nervous.

Try to make sense of anything in this.
And finally a page of character sketches. Again, not the best quality, here.
Two of the characters here some of you might know. Heroman and Assistant-Lad, his devoted sidekick  (they're almost entirely invisible down there...) There's also Kid-with-enormous-arm, an alien, a magnificent seagull, an outlaw cowboy guy, and some zombie guy, too, for the hell of it. The alien makes me sad, because I know he'd look so much better without a pea-shaped body, but hey, you experiment.

Also, before I forget, hope everybody had a very merry Christmas!
and Hanukkah!
and Festivus!
and Kwanzaa!
and any other holiday!

Also, Happy New Years tonight!


  1. You're active when you are COLD? wieeerd I slooow down so much cause everything in my body is so stiff....

    Awesome comic, I love it :D

  2. Best way to beat the cold is to be active! :D
    Of course, sometimes, it's so cold you get to breathing cold air into your lungs and then it's uncomfortable as heck!

  3. Of the human figures I actually like the first one (which you said was live) best. It has a looser feeling to it and a nice solidity of form.

  4. Thanks!
    I guess having thee person actually there has no substitute.
    I want to get more action poses, though, but those are hard to draw as they're happening.

  5. Huh, I usually end up injuring myself more often during winter rather than being more active. It's good that you can enjoy winter, though. ^_^