Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What? Orlando's still doing stuff?

I know, right? I'm surprised too!

But yeah, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Finals happened. And then I got lazy. But hey, now I'll upload a whole mess of stuff!

First off: my dialogue final

The dialogue came from an episode of Psych, and the character is Toby. Which most of you have seen by now, no doubt.
It's a bit rushed, as I had my storyboarding final due the next day and had to just go with the first pass that came out.

Next up is: a WIP 3D piece!

I've been working in Maya with one of the rigs we were given in class: Moom. I figured it was about time I picked up this 3D thing again. This is the last playblast I took of it from a while back.

Finally, here's an Obama caricature I did for a possible job. The guy just said he needed caricatures of politicians and whatnot for his small newspaper he's trying to get off the ground. Okay.


  1. Orlaaandooo, why haven't you sketched more? You should draw a Shuckle in MS Paint.

  2. Now you know I can't do that!
    I don't HAVE MS Paint.
    Also, me and Jina are working on a top secret project! Shhhh!!