Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Redos and weights

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I recently finished up some more work, so now I'm gonna show them on what is now quickly becoming solely my animation production blog. I'm going to be starting to post work for my upcoming senior film, so I'm thinking of starting up a separate blog for that.

But first, here's a dinosaur! ROAR!

I love drawing that thing...

Anyways, for the recent weight lift assignment in 2D character animation, I ran my idea of animating Toby ( a character I made back in my character design class) for the assignment by my professor, and he said it'd be fine. The idea was to get more practice animating Toby, as I intend to use him in my senior film.

Here's the finished Weight Lift...

There's still a few holds and other things I have to redo in the resubmission, but for the most part, I'm pleased with it.

And As an extra treat, here's my resubmissions for both previous assignments: the Mushu head turn, and the Norm Reaction Take:

I think especially on the Norm one, it's a definite improvement. I'm pleased as punch.


  1. Woot! Those be awesome! Except perhaps the eye-guy's walk over to the box, which seems a little unbalanced, but then he starts on that box and then the awesome happens again!

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, the walk was done over at the last minute, since my professor said he was stepping forward with the wrong foot. Now he's stepping with the right foot but the weight shift and stuff is all wrong. I need to go back and fix it later.