Friday, March 4, 2011

Updated Animations: Cleaned up wizards and walks on hot sand

This is a doggie

For my latest assignment, the quadruped walk,  I chose a schnauzer. This was one of my early tests:

As you can see, it looks more like a Giant Schnauzer or Great Dane than your Standard Schnauzer. The legs are too long, and the head is too held too high. Apart from that, the walk was too fast, and the body had pretty bad up and down movement to none at all.  Which is bad. I  tried to rectify these problems in my next tests. This is the one I turned in:

I think movement is much better here, despite the gratuitous head bobbing. My professor pointed out that the legs do not grow with the rest of the body and that adds problems to the walk. Also, he's still kinda fast, so it looks like he's walking on hot sand. However, it's much more of a schnauzer than last time. Which is good.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here's my 2D Production work completely cleaned up:

Now we're working on adding color! Which I should add, feels like cheating on ToonBoom. It's WAY too easy. It's almost literally [select + Paintbucket].


  1. Those groovy wizard vids are looking awesomer and awesomer. Makes me feel guilty I'm not posting more.

  2. Thanks! Just wait'll it's colored!

    You should totally keep posting! :D