Saturday, March 19, 2011

FINALS! They are over!

They are so over it's amazing!
I got pretty good grades in my classes this quarter... and A in 2D Production, an A in Intro to Sequential, and (not 100% sure yet, but..) a B in Action Analysis!
BEHOLD! My two animation finals!

First, my Action Analysis final!


There quite a few things I would love to change, one of which is the entire human. His movement is too controlled and too non-human. Very robot, and I am not happy with that ball throw. That being said, I'm very happy with the way the dog came out. Definitely a bunch better and smoother than I had him before. All those slow ins and slow outs are helping a ton.

And now, my fully colored, cleaned up, and finalized 2D Production final!


Roomie Rumbles!

I'm very happy with this... almost 100%!
A bit of the clean-up I wish I could redo... it was my first time on a Cintiq, and it's not the best linework sometimes, but time was short. I'm pleased with the colors. ToonBoom made them extremely easy to apply.
I like the sound: it really helps add a different dimension to the piece. All credit for that (minus the title card) goes to my friend Charlie Hafer, who was taking an Intro to Sound Design course at the time and needed an animation for his final.

My friend Josh also posted up his final on his blog, and it's awesome! Go check it out!

All in all, good quarter. My Intro to Sequential final (along with some other sequential pieces) will be up soon, too. Stay tuned!

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