Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I present to you... Osamu Tezuka's Star Wars?

Recently, for my sequential class, we all had to choose an artist and a movie. The point was to make you draw a scene in that movie using the artist's style.

Osamu Tezuka and Star Wars:
Tarkin has never looked so fly


  1. Vader's rocking the pinstripes, there. Tarkin's chewing more scenery here than in the movie, which I consider a very, very good thing.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, Tarkin was always one of my favorite baddies in Star Wars.

    Brian Ralph said that he didn't like the Darth Vader because he wasn't dominating the scene enough, but some of my classmates reminded him that this scene features Tarkin more heavily. I feel I could have made Vader a tad bigger, I guess.